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The Programmer's Calculator
Mac + PC

Key Features:

  • Supports a rich expression format, which is in most cases identical to what you would type in your programming language.
  • Support for adding an unlimited number of variables.
  • Built-in debugger that lets you see the expression simplified step by step.
  • Debugger Back-step lets you backup as many steps as you like so that you can replay critical operations.
  • C/C++ operator precedence
  • Mouse optional, all calculator commands and functions can be done using the keyboard alone.
  • Mini-Calc Mode lets your calculator take up very little screen real estate, and yet remain entirely usable.
  • Numerous built-in unit conversions (memory sizes, lengths, areas, volumes, temperatures etc.)
  • Built-in great circle route and straight line distance calculators.

Input/Output Formats:

  • Input: Hexadecimal, Decimal, Binary, Octal, Boolean, and Characters (ASCII*).
  • Output: Hexadecimal (32 bit integer, 32 and 64 bit floating point), Decimal, Binary, Octal, Boolean, Characters (ASCII*, UTF-8 and UTF-16), and Color (24 bit integer).
  • Convert automatically between these types in your expression with the keyboard, a button, or a contextual menu.

*iota-calc gives you a super-set of ASCII, (For Macintosh we use Mac OS Roman and for Windows we use ISO Latin 1).

Operators and Functions:

  • Standard: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulus, Power, Square Root
  • Grouping: Parenthesis
  • Variables: Previous Answer
  • Bitwise: complement, and, or, xor, shift left, shift right
  • Comparators: equals, less than, greater than, less than or equal, greater than or equal
  • Logical: and, or, and not
  • Logarithms: Natural logarithm, log base 10, log base e, e raised to x
  • Trigonometric: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Hyperbolic-Sine, Hyperbolic-Cosine, Hyperbolic-Tangent, Arc-Sine, Arc-Cosine, Arc-Tangent (2 Variants), Degrees To Radians, Radians to Degrees
  • Other: Min, Max, Round, Ceiling, Floor, Absolute Value, Sign, Random

What users are saying:

  • I use iota-calc pretty much on a daily basis to plan out calculations for programming tasks I have. I also use it when helping my son with his homework. -- Steve Mayer
  • Very, very useful little app, well worth the money the author is asking for! -- ScottM review of Mac OS X version on
  • This is a very nice and unique calc, and they are steadily improving it. I'm giving it a five for current usability, improvements, and a GREAT price. Get it now, before demand drives up the cost. -- MikeyK review of Mac OS 8/9 version on
  • For more see the reviews page.