Pixel Tools

Magnify, Measure, and Explore your Mac’s Pixels

Crossword Forge Icon Image

Crossword Forge

Easily make professional crossword and word search puzzles faster than you thought possible. (Mac / PC)
Road Trip Effect Icon Image

Road Trip Effect

Remember the Indiana Jones movies? When Indy would travel, a red line would stretch over a map to indicate where he went. Your vacation videos can do it too. (Mac / PC)
Quiz Press Icon Image

Quiz Press

Get creative! Enhance your tests with pictures, sound, etc. and put them on the web. (Mac / PC)
Double Across Icon Image

Double Across

The exciting new crossword puzzle game that gives your analytical thinking a fun, stimulating workout. We're betting you'll love it! (iPad) doubleacross.com
Iota Calc Icon Image


An expression calculator for programmers, scientists, and everyone. (Mac / PC)
XWord Aide Icon Image

XWord Aide

Here is the key to finding that missing word in any crossword puzzle in any of five languages. You can also use it to give yourself the upper-hand in Double Across or Scrabble. (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)
Adam's Game Icon Image

Adam's Game

Your toddler or preschooler will love this simple vocabulary game. (iPhone / iPod Touch) Video Review (German Version)
Adam's Art Icon Image

Adam's Art

A fun and elegantly simple coloring program for young children. (iPhone / iPod Touch) Video Review